The Bronzinis: Emily, Marco, and Rebecca.
Another Bronzini
You may recall that in September Naples Noteworthy featured Marco Bronzini, who we named the Best Painter in Naples, and his daughter, Emily Bronzini, to whom we gave the honorary award, Best Young Composer in Naples. Here, again, we have another Bronzini–Rebecca, daughter to Marco and sister to Emily–who is an October feature. Like the other Bronzinis, Rebecca has a passion for the creative arts, although in her case it’s acting that’s captured her fancy.

The Limelight: Acting
Rebecca is currently playing “Poppy” in the Naples Players’ production of Noises Off by Michael Frayn, which is playing now through October 18. You’ll want to catch this funny, upbeat play while you still can, which Bronzini says has been a “fun ride.”

Acting has been something she’s always gravitated to, but it was getting involved with her drama team at her church youth group in middle school that first put her out on stage and gave her first-hand experience of the exhilaration of live theatre. She was in Drama Club through her high school years and only after graduation took a short break from acting as she pursued what her other professional options were, career-wise. She then invested in two years of acting lessons.

Rebecca got involved with the very popular and nationally renowned theatre group, The Naples Players, and now is once again onstage in one of their fabulous productions.

552832_4013301290261_592080400_nHow supportive has her family been of her acting pursuits? Well, Naples Noteworthy knew the answer to that before Rebecca even told us. The Bronzinis are, of course, especially supportive of creative endeavors, so it was no surprise to hear that the family had attended her play multiple times already. Read More

Forensic Light – Criminal Justice Studies
The path she took in her University studies was one you may not expect–not Drama or Theatre, but Forensics and Criminal Justice. She attends Florida Gulf Coast University, where she’ll graduate in May. Should she end up pursuing this field professionally, she’ll be very familiar with forensic lights.

So what will it be? Forensic lights or the limelight?

“Acting will continue to be a very important part of my future,” Bronzini says, “whether it ends up being what I do professionally full-time, or something I only do part-time by participating in community theatre.”

Light in the World – Missionary Work
Rebecca on a mission trip in the Philippines with one of the girls from the orphanage there.
Rebecca Bronzini isn’t just playing a part when it comes to her mission work in the Philippines. Naples Noteworthy learned that she has been on four separate mission trips to the Philippines to visit schools and an orphanage there, participating in trips organized by the Bob Tebow Evangelistic Association. Over the years she has been able to develop relationships with the children there and watch them grow.

“The trips really put things into perspective,” Bronzini states. “It’s easy, living here in America, to forget how blessed we really are. But of course, I always receive a blessing from the people whenever I go on these mission trips. I’m always the one who comes back so extraordinarily blessed and transformed from this amazing culture and these people that are just so giving and happy.”

Rebecca Bronzini believes that, as Christians, we’re all full-time missionaries, wherever we are. We don’t have to be overseas in order to reflect our faith. In fact, it’s important that we always be a light in whatever community we’re in, to reflect the light of Christ in all we do.

But having spent time abroad in the missions field, Bronzini believes she will most likely always continue to participate in these sorts of missions throughout her life.

She’ll Take It to Go
1900056_10203136328069852_1434662715_nRebecca likes to travel. And she likes the outdoors. And she likes…um…lizards? We’re not sure what this is exactly. We found this picture on her Facebook page. But as you can see, whatever it is, she’s not afraid of it.

Bronzini is already a world traveler, having been to the Philippines, Cancun, France, England, Scotland, Puerto Rico, and all over America. She enjoys the beach, boating, and anything to do with the water.

Having grown up in Naples, her traveling experiences have given her an appreciation for her hometown she didn’t have as a youngster. “I’ve come to realize what a beautiful place Naples is,” Bronzini admits. “Even though it’s growing, there’s still a small town feel to it, like everyone is connected, somehow. It’s home…and because I have family here, it will always be a home base, no matter where I ultimately end up in the world.”

Naples Noteworthy thinks wherever Rebecca Bronzini goes, she will either be a light–or in the limelight.

And that’s a good thing.

Storytellers Creative Arts Conference
Rebecca Bronzini is a presenter in the upcoming Storytellers Creative Arts Conference to be held in Naples this November 6-8. This is an extraordinary event with over 40 workshops and an Evening of Music & Art that you do not want to miss. You can register now at