Penelope A. Brown knew she would one day be an author, even when she was still a child and writing down vivid dreams in her journals. Her family knew it, too, as did her friends, and they were always asking her when her debut novel was coming out. They finally got their answer when Brown released The Gatekeeper’s Forbidden Secret in the Fall of 2014.

“I should have pursued my dream earlier, but I would stumble over my own doubts,” says Brown. “Finding the time to write with everyday chaos was challenging. With prayer and hard 10904884_10205036662288660_2088854220_nwork I overcame what I thought was impossible. I unplugged, literally, my television stayed off as well as my phone. I sat at my desk and reread my journals. I did a ton of research to preserve authenticity, and then I weaved it all back together. I wanted to show what was possible in the forefront of science, and how it tied together with my own spiritual beliefs.”

The Gatekeeper’s Forbidden Secret is an imaginative, fast-paced fantasy adventure story that’s summed up nicely with this exciting author-provided synopsis: When forbidden, eye-opening truths about the secrets of the universe are exposed, an unlikely team scramble to save worlds and each other.

This is not necessarily a book for children, but for readers of all ages, as it is full of action and suspenseful in places. Parents might want to preview the book first, although children are likely to be eager to read it, especially once they see the intriguing cover. If you have multiple children, you will probably want to get multiple copies, otherwise there are bound to be arguments and fights over the one copy!

Brown says that when writing the book, it was important to her to stay true to who she was. “I was encouraged to use the Lord’s name in vain, for emphasis in certain stressful situations. I rejected all such emphasis. I want to be viewed as a role model to not only my children, but also anyone who struggles to stand up for their own beliefs. It is important to always stand tall.”

About Penelope A. Brown
Brown is a long time Naples resident, but was born in Southern England. She remembers vividly her first experience of Naples.

“My family came to Naples on a vacation when I was seven,” Brown recalls. “We all thought that 1899056_10205036662208658_830007025_nit was the most amazing place we had ever been. Not long after that my father decided to move his antique studio to America. So we packed up all our possessions, including the dog, and shipped everything over. I was immediately in love with the sunshine, the culture and the people.”

Growing up in the magical little village of Warninglid, England, however, stayed with Brown and her experiences in Southern England have inspired her novel.

Before picking up the writing pen, Brown graduated from Florida State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and was recruited to Southwest Florida for a long career in financial planning. “I later expanded into business services where I advised some to the finest Naples businesses,” she explains. “I really enjoyed getting to know the local business owners, I always loved the fact that they took a chance on their dreams.”

Her favorite job was with a leading model and talent agency in Naples and Orlando. “I have always been drawn to the creative aspect of advertising,” Brown says. “It was actually very demanding, with long commutes and extended hours, but I got to work with some very colorful souls. I have been booked on and off throughout the years from Naples Bay Resort, Harley Davidson, Lean Cuisine, The Village on Venetian Bay, to Nordic Track to name a few.”

Take a look at some of the photos of Penelope and you’ll see why she worked as a model. The woman is stunningly beautiful in a natural way that shows the favor of God on her genetic code.

But, of course, Brown is more than a pretty face.

Charm is deceitful and beauty fades; but a woman who fears the LORD will be praised. Reward her for her work— let her actions result in public praise. Proverbs 30:30-31

Penelope A. Brown is deserving of such praise. She’s a successful businesswoman, wife and mother, and now an author with strong personal values, who does good work in the community to encourage literacy among our youth. She lives a balanced life, is healthy and fit, enjoys good conversation, gardening, prayer, is well-traveled, and is a passionate patron of the arts.

We have a little catch-phrase we use in our Naples Noteworthy promos: People You Should Know.

Penelope A. Brown is definitely one of those people.

From Her Own Lips: What Brown Enjoys Most
Traveling and seeing new places is a passion of mine. I have been lucky enough to visit some amazing countries such as Greece, Italy, France, Curacao, and Spain to name a few. There are many more destinations on my radar, and hopefully I will be able to one day see the amazing pyramids and go on a wild safari. I was born in England, and I recently had the opportunity to go home. While there, I was able to sneak in some research for my next book at Stonehenge and museums.

When I’m local, I love to venture outside whether it is for a leisurely walk or a 10962091_10205036662248659_1272369341_nquick game of tennis. I frequent antique, garden and home improvement shops. I don’t mind getting my hands dirty doing home improvement and garden projects.

I love to listen to classical and jazz music in the evening. I recently attended the local production of Phantom of the Opera, which was amazing! Several years ago I watched the renounced production of Lido in Paris, and that is where my love of Broadway and opera began. I have not been to the London Theater yet, but it is on my bucket list.

One of the simplest things I enjoy is just sitting down with friends or family and enjoying a good cup of coffee or tea and having a great conversation. I don’t think people do that as much as they used to. It is something I cherish. Life is short, and although the grand picture is fabulous, to me it’s the little things that are the most important.

Brown’s Cause: Reading Initiative Programs
Penelope A. Brown supports children’s literacy programs in our community and is working with different local reading initiative programs.

“Barbara Bush launched the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy program and every year in April she comes to spread the word to our neighbors in Immokalee,” Brown says. “This is a fabulous way to make sure that each child has an equal opportunity to achieve their highest potential.”

Naples Noteworthy believes reading initiative programs are an especially good choice for an author to choose for a personal cause–because, of course, you’re encouraging future readers of your books!